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Feature flags
for the rest of us

Feature flags are an incredibly versatile tool with numerous applications beyond mere feature toggles and the good news is, you can now harness this powerful tool without investing countless hours of engineering work building an in-house solution.

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// Write conditional logic that you can control remotely
const enabled = await c.isFeatureFlagEnabled("flag-name");

if (enabled) {
  // 👉 Here you can enable:
  // 🤩 A new feature for beta testers
  // 🚧 Under development stuff enabled only to your team
  // 🚨 A risky change that could impact many users
  // ☂️ Or wrap a third-party service that can go down
  // ⏱️ Or a performance optimization you want to test
} else {
  // Default behavior if the feature is not enabled
  // or you want to switch it off for some time
  // or for some users

A simple primitive that changes how you ship software.

Remote-controlled conditional statements

Embed conditional statements in your code using our SDKs, and you gain the ability to remotely manage your application through the GroundControl dashboard.

While this might seem straightforward, it unlocks a realm of possibilities for building, deploying and managing software applications.

Build. Deploy. Test. Optimize.

Not just feature toggles

Feature flags have the potential to revolutionize your development process. The possibilities are endless when you wield the might of feature flags.

Build incrementally

Stop using long-lived branches. Deploy features under development and restrict access exclusively to your team members.

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Reduce deployment risks

Gradually enable risky changes by putting them behind a feature flag, giving you the flexibility to swiftly revert if needed, without the need for a full rollback of your codebase.

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Test your assumptions

Leverage feature flags for A/B testing by selectively enabling a specific behavior for a % of the calls while the remaining follows a different code path. Measure relevant metrics and compare the results.

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When implementing performance optimizations, such as enhancing SQL query speed, and unsure if it will yield consistent improvements, use feature flags to run the new version for a small percentage of the calls, and check the results.

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Mitigate incidents

Implement graceful degradation in case of an incident, allowing you to selectively disable or modify specific features to ensure smooth operation and minimal impact on users.

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Implement beta features

Last but not least, one of the most popular uses of feature flags is to selectively introduce new features exclusively to a small group of beta testers, allowing for controlled testing and feedback before a wider release.

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Easy to create, easy to delete

Deleting feature flags, automated

Deleting feature flags can feel like a daunting task, often causing concerns and potential risks. But fear not, because with GroundControl, we've got your back. Our GitHub app will create pull requests to update your application code for you, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.

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Change the way you build, deploy, test and optimize software.

Accelerate your code deployment process with increased confidence and reduced risk. Experience the power of GroundControl, the feature flagging service that seamlessly integrates into your application in just 5 minutes.