It takes 5 minutes to start using GroundControl

We've made everything super simple, just right without going overboard.

import { GroundControlClient } from "@groundcontrolsh/groundcontrol";

const isEnabled = await client.isFeatureFlagEnabled("flag-name");
Language support

We offer SDKs and code snippets for all major languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Go, C#, and more.

Different rollout strategies

Enable features for a percentage of your users, or for specific users, or a percentage of API calls.

Audit logs

Track all changes made to your feature flags, including who made the change, when, and what was changed.

Track usage

We track when feature flags where used for the last time, so you can be confident that you can safely remove them.

Delete feature flags

Our GitHub app will create pull requests to update your application code for you, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.


We provide a REST API to manage your feature flags programmatically.

Change the way you build, deploy, test and optimize software.

Accelerate your code deployment process with increased confidence and reduced risk. Experience the power of GroundControl, the feature flagging service that seamlessly integrates into your application in just 5 minutes.